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Man Enough | Why Men Don't Talk
Man Enough | Why Men Don't Talk
Man Enough | #MeToo
Man Enough | #MeToo
Man Enough | Fatherhood
Man Enough | Fatherhood
Justin Baldoni TED Talk
Justin Baldoni TED Talk

Hosted by Justin Baldoni, Man Enough is a very timely, candid dinner conversation series where a diverse group of men open up and reveal how they are affected by societal expectations of what it is to be a man in America. 

Justin believes that men can do better if we choose to be better and that starts with identifying the inherent problems with traditional masculinity and challenging it. 

At the dinner table, Justin gathers influential men to share their most personal and intimate thoughts about manhood itself. They question what type of gender biases we are living by and can they be broken. 

If men choose to make a commitment to take responsibility in redefining and reshaping masculinity then we can see a change the world over. 

Will you make the pledge? If so, use the #ManEnough

 The Man Enough series was launched on the heels of Justin Baldoni’s groundbreaking TED talk and has been integrated into education curriculum at high schools and universities across the country. 
Justin’s much anticipated book about the necessity of reshaping masculinity will be out Spring of 2021.


5.9M Reach For The #MeToo Episode

70M Combined Views

50M Ted Talk Views



14MIN Average Retention Rate

Director: Ahmed Musiol
Producers: Justin Baldoni, Sam Baldoni, Farhoud Meybodi, Ahmed Musiol, Paula Carvajal, Matt McGorry, Mary Przybylski, Michael Bachmann
Starring:  Justin Baldoni
Seasons: 2.5
Release Date: 2017 – Present
Distribution: CBS Films, Lionsgate


Global Trend Awards
Winner: Global Trend Quest Award
Video: Social Responsibility

MarCom Awards
Winner: Platinum Winner
Best Web Video: Informational
Platinum Winner: Man Enough: #Metoo
Best Web Video: Informational 

Shorty Awards
Nominee: Shorty Award
Social Justice

Shortlisted: Man Enough
Social Justice

Telly Awards
Winner: 30th Anniversary Classic Golden Telly Award
Best Documentary Series

Television Documentary:  Individual
Gold Winner: Man Enough

Best Documentary Series
Bronze Winner: Man Enough

Telly Awards
Winner: Bronze Telly
Best Series: Non Scripted

Adweek Arc Award
Best Branded Content Winner: Man Enough

NYX Awards
Non-Broadcast: Social Responsibility
Silver Winner: Man Enough: #Metoo