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Wayfarer Studios is an independent financial and production engine focused on radically sincere film and television content that is platform and genre agnostic. Wayfarer Studios was founded with the mission to develop and finance projects that can serve as true agents for social change while understanding the value of creating globally commercial content. Wayfarer Studios recently partnered with Disney+ on Clouds, the studio’s first original film and Disney’s first-ever narrative acquisition on its global platform.


Wayfarer Studios is a new film and TV studio founded by Paylocity founder Steve Sarowitz and Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni, who directed the company’s first feature film Clouds.

Baldoni, actor turned filmmaker, uses his stardom as a platform to address social issues through impactful content creation and direct action – he gave a TED talk called “Why I’m Done Trying to Be ‘Man Enough,’” which inspired a web series and he founded a non-profit focused on addressing homelessness in Los Angeles.

Sarowitz, businessman turned philanthropist, uses his time and resources to fight to eradicate the negative ‘isms’ of the world through non-profit work and now impactful content creation alongside Baldoni.

Beyond just creating impactful content with a message, Baldoni and Sarowitz want to upend the traditional Hollywood studio model by building a company that puts equity and social justice at the forefront. This means hiring executives, creators, and behind-the-scenes filmmakers who reflect the diverse world we live in—i.e., more women and people of color than is typical at most Hollywood companies—and establishing a creator-friendly environment where writers and directors share in the success of the studio. They also want to open up opportunities for people for whom Hollywood is not an obvious career path through internship and scholarship programs.

“Together we have a vision to disrupt for good,” Baldoni says. “In the sense that everything we do has to fall in line with what we believe at Wayfarer could be, essentially, good for humanity.”